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Having a birthday, I suppose a monumental one – 40!, has really called me to my blessings. I always wanted to be a mama. My mama is/was a good mama, nothing seemed more important than being to my kids what my mama was to me. And 40 really honed my blessings. I live with a such prosperity and I want to publicly thank GOD for this. In a rainbow of ways, I am filled to the max. My kids know me. They know my rhythms. They know my passions. For my birthday, we went to see whales. My Norm, my sweet sugar planned our voyage. For anyone that knows me, I eat, sleep and breathe – nature shows in my down time. But strangely I have no interest in making them. No interest in photographing animals. I love people way too much. I like snakes, sharks, whales, crocs like people like vitamins. It just makes me feel better to see them. And yet, my kiddos also know, that mama loves to make pictures. Making pictures is something we always do.  A lot of them private, a family journal. However I just wanted to share a sliver of homeschooling delight for this day is a celebration of my kiddos sharing their heart grown flowers with me. A celebration of what has come before us and the beginning of what lies ahead. My blessings.

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