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Lucas and Ashley LOVE Session


Lucas and Ashley love the sea just about as much as they love each other. I feel so grateful to have listened to their story and revel in their LOVE for one another.  We shared a beautiful day walking on local docks and rocky jetties.  My style in making pictures is to come alongside to listen and learn. Laugh! Let go and see what happens. People in love have so much hope and vibrancy. Of course, I just like to photograph what is before me, keeping things real simple and natural. I always feel so refreshed hearing of the gorgeous design of their newly and soon to be wedded life. Yeah! As we walked through  Stonington Borough, they even imagined themselves living here. They picked out their favorite houses, paint colors and architecture. Thanks for the good vibes, I am thrilled for your wedding coming up soon at the Branford House. You guys are so sweet and I loved spending time with you both!


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