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Family Adventuring with the Hedde crew – Beach baptism!

One savory evening this summer, this family did an extraordinary thing.  (This family happens to be part of my family– the Dad is my older brother.) This Dad baptized his four children (as 20 years before he helped to baptize me).  It was a beautiful hour. The beach was lit up with smiles.  Sky and sea felt closer.  Kids laughed and splashed the water with tanned legs.  

On a different day this summer, they did an everyday, ordinary thing. The same thing they did on so many days.  I made photos of them at the same beach on a Saturday. Packing in gear, zipping up, sharing handfuls of trail mix, waiting for the wave, popping up, a daughter chasing her Dad, a surfboard headstand. These are the pictures I want to make more of.  Families in their favorite spots, doing what they do. This makes for great family portraiture.  Bring it on!


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